Real Life Superhero


Real Life Superhero tells the tale of a writer probing into the life  of Scott Cooke, a man who decided one day to put on a superhero costume and walk around at nights as Justice.  After Scott’s body is found murdered one night lying in a dumpster, the writer must grapple with the bigger questions:  why did Scott put on a costume, what was his mental state to pursue this and ultimately, what lead to his death that very evening?

Written by Steven Jackson and directed by Stephen English, this is the first production by Minmar Gaslight Productions.  A story filled with questions desperately in search of answers, this play deals with the issues of what it means to be a superhero in a very real world and ultimately, how does a person elevate themselves to become more than they are.

The Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Frank Keenan
  • Donavan Jackson
  • Peter Church
  • Lawrence Stevenson
  • Daniel Staseff
  • Kate McDonald
  • Jamie Anderson
  • Keith Williams

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