The Minmar Gaslight Story

by Steven Jackson

When I was growing up, my parents happily played the roles of accountant and secretary. They never seemed to say different, but deep down, there was something missing, something that masked a happiness. After a little digging, I discovered that my father had wanted to be a farmer, but my grandfather didn’t want that life for my father. When my father turned eighteen, my grandfather sold the last remaining piece of land that he owned and my father with little direction went to school to become an accountant because he did like numbers. My mother professed to wanting to go into the army or interior design, but because my grandmother could not conceive either area as a possibility, she persuaded my mother to go to school for being a secretary.

Although my parents grew up knowing about each other, it was through my father as an accountant and my mother as a secretary, that they fell in love.

Some seventeen years later, I was in grade eleven and my grandmother had passed away and my mother inherited some money. After much thought and discussion, my mother purchased a piece of land, 104 acres just outside the town where we were raised, Minto and to the other side, Margaret, where I had gone to kindergarten. The years leading up to this had been an investment in Standardbred race horses and a life taking care of the animals, but this piece of land meant something different. My father suddenly had a piece of land that he could make grow. My mother, newfound confidence from the management of the land, took on a job working for a woman in town doing decorating for weddings and creating and selling crafts. And they were happy.

That land was called Minmar Acres, a name that came from a small elevator that had been built on the property and now long gone, residing next to the rail line that ran through the property. Halfway to Minto and halfway to Margaret, this land was something more, something special. For me, it was a place where dreams came true.

Minmar Gaslight Productions is my dream and through the development of plays into productions, those dreams are coming true. Through presenting works for audiences to take in, to experience, to leave remembering, we hope that your dreams find their way into realities like Minmar Gaslight has done for us.

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